Living in London!

So here i am, not exactly live in London, but i''ll spent my life about 18 days in here, in London. I am not as excited as the first time i came to Europe back then in 2013, but it's still an awesome experience. Here i can see so many beautiful London architectures, and more interesting dressings on the street, if compare to my own country. As you might already know, London is a city that insanely expensive. I don't know if you already heard about it or not, so i create this saying "CoL Shock" which is Cost of Living Shock. Because i can get a fine dining in my own country, while at the same price, i only get street food in here.

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My Thought For Firefox OS

Mozilla is a non profit organization that is focus on building innovations for the web. Why a non profit can survive in such days? Where many profit companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and many others, try hard to build their own "Box" or close environment, so they can "cage" their users in their own close environment. So what makes Mozilla survive and still fights? It's us! It's you! And it's me! Mozilla survive because many people believe in the spirit of the Open Web. Which means we like to share with others.

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Marvel App, Aplikasi Untuk Membuat Prototype Tanpa Coding

Beberapa waktu lalu saya diperkenalkan dengan sebuah aplikasi yang ternyata sesuai dengan yang selama ini saya cari dan belum ketemu. Aplikasi yang cocok untuk kalian yang punya bakat design, namun lemah di coding, seperti saya. Marvel App bisa membantu membuat design kalian yang cuma sebuah image biasa, menjadi interaktif karena terintegrasi dengan image-image lainnya. Jadi kalian bisa menentukan area-area tertentu untuk membuka image lainnya yang kalian tentukan. Kadang rasanya melelahkan juga terus-menerus mengklik tombol "browse" lalu kemudian pilih file, lalu klik "upload", dst. Nah, Marvel App terintegrasi dengan Dropbox, dan juga Google Drive. Yang artinya, setelah kalian mengambil file dari Dropbox, maka seterusnya akan dengan mudah tersinkronisasi saja. Jadi kalian cukup replace file image di dropbox kalian apabila hendak melakukan revisi.

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Request for Proposal

Apabila anda hendak memulai sebuah proyek, dalam hal ini tentunya adalah proyek pembuatan website, ada baiknya anda lebih dahulu membuat dokumen RFP atau Request for Proposal. Dokumen ini sangat berguna untuk membantu vendor untuk memahami kebutuhan dari calon clientnya. Apa saja isi dari dokumen RFP? Mari kita simak!

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Happy 10th Birthday Joomla!

Not only celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day on August 17th, i also wants to congratulate Joomla for it's 10th Birthday. It's been a journey with this one of the most popular open source CMS (Content Management System) in the world, beside of Wordpress and Drupal (as far as i know). First time i knew Joomla, it was introduced by a friend in 2007. At first i don't really pay attention to him. But then he bought a book about tutorial using Joomla! then i borrow it to learn. Who knows, my professional life never be the same anymore after i learnt this CMS.

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