Seminar Freelancing, Done Right!

Adalah satu pengalaman yang menarik bisa ikut serta dalam acara Seminar Freelancing, Done Right! Lewat seminar yang di gelar oleh Arus Media,di Cafe Au Lait, Cikini, saya bisa belajar banyak hal terkait dengan dunia freelance. Dan juga tentunya bertemu dengan banyak orang yang sudah sukses berkarir, baik itu yang masih tetap sebagai freelance ataupun sudah berkembang menjadi sebuah management bussiness yang lebih baik lagi.

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Dapoer Jawa

This is a restaurant projects, great experience for me. At first i thought that it will be easy to make a restaurant website. Well it is, but it is not easy to make a good looking restaurant website. It's easy only to make a usual site. Of course i don't like this kind of statement, "Just make it as a usual website".

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711 Speed Shop

Well this is a great oppurtunity for me to have the honour of designing website for Hydri, the owner of 711 Speed Shop, the online store that selling motorcycle spareparts and many kinds of accessories. Although i don't know too much about motorcycle parts, i still love to see some of beautiful rides. I have my own motor cycle at home, New Honda Supra Fit, just an usual motorcycle.

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Eyeglasses! Sometimes we felt really cool using this thing, especially after we saw Clark Kent on Superman Movies. This website,, has a young age owner, 20 years old. Well age doesn't matter for me. I'm not a credit investigator. Gary ask me to design his website. But i should thank for his understanding, it because i put his project on pending status. My friend mother has pass away and i should accompany him for a few days. Not sleep at night also.

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Yofie Setiawan

My name is Yofie, I manage a solid team of web designers and web developers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are experts in building websites with Joomla CMS and are able to build websites using Responsive Web Design technology. If you are interested in hiring us for a project, Contact Us!