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What is the Difference between Flash and GIF?

You might seen some animation when you browse to a site. Usually web designer use this to make the site looks more attractive. Coz there's a moving/changing things. But for me, i am a person who didn't like to put too much animated things on my sites. For me it could confused the visitor eyes. But for exception, i made some animated GIF for a banner that need much attention from visitor. For example, a banner that need to attract visitor to be a member of a site. It kinda important if my client wants to use it so.

Actually i'm inspired to write this thing is because when i digg my old folders, i found this GIF animation. Try to take a look at it.

Very attractive isn't it? I made it last year, when i first learn web design. At my PC, i seen it as a very cool things. But what happen when i upload it to hosting server and try to see it online? Finally i learn about the difference about GIF and Flash Animation (i realized it last year - try to share it now). The problem is, if there's too much layer on GIF animation banner, it would take a long time to load. For my sample above it is 829 KB. So for advanced animation banner, flash is a better choice.  For expert web designer, i believe you all already familiar with this case. Some people learn from trial and error, just like me. So after facing this case, i would thing twice to use GIF as advanced animation banner. Flash would be a better choice if you want to make a advanced animation banner.

Why did i say "advanced" animation banner? Because at some case, GIF would be a better choice to make an animation banner. Better than flash. But not in advanced mode. If you use only 2 or 3 layer on the animation, GIF would be a better choice. But for me, using GIF as an animation banner, kinda "old school". But if you're creative enough, i believe you could solve the problem and create a cool banner even only use 2 or 3 layer.

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