Blog Creative New Challenge For Photographers, Cinemagraph!

New Challenge For Photographers, Cinemagraph!

If you follow my blog from long long time ago, you must be knew that i did write about animated gif. I'm not good in playing with Flash, so i was quite happy in creating animation using gif (back then). After long long while, now animated gif are rarely be seen on internet. It was huge at 90's. Me, my self, don't really interested in playing with those thing anymore. But when i read an article about 35 Beautifully Animated Photographs a.k.a. Cinemagraphs, then come a new passion in playing with animated gif again. This time merge it with the photograph. As you can see there, recently, many people start playing with animated gif again, this time they play it more advance and artistic ways.


Thanks to Fernando J Baez for give me a clue (tutorial) about how to create a Cinemagraph.

Here some samples. Remember, these are not video! So for all photographers! Here comes the new challenge!


Here is the one that i tried to create.

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