Blog Freelance Bekerja di Luar Rumah, Working Outside

Bekerja di Luar Rumah, Working Outside

Sebagai seorang freelancer, bekerja di luar rumah menjadi salah satu kelebihan sekaligus kekurangan yang saya rasakan. Kenapa begitu? Karena seringkali saya merasa jenuh apabila bekerja terus di dalam rumah, di kamar apalagi. Jadi seringkali saya mencoba mencari suasana baru dengan bekerja di luar, entah di cafe, tempat makan, restaurant. Tentu saja tempat yang membutuhkan akses internet kalau bisa. Lebih bagus lagi kalau free. Tapi tentu ada juga pengeluaran yang harus kita siapkan, yaitu untuk membeli makanan atau minuman di tempat kita nongkrong. Dan harganya tentu relatif lebih mahal daripada konsumsi rumahan kita. Saya biasa makan masakan orang tua di rumah. Kalau keluar rumah otomatis harus menyiapkan pengeluaran yang lebih. Tapi timbal baliknya saya harus sabar kalau diocehin untuk mandi atau tidur karena kerja terlalu larut malam haha....

That's why i said that is good things and bad things when you work as a fulltime freelancer. Most people think that freelancer is a very great profession, especially freelance web designer, because you can work anytime and anywhere. But what most people don't realize is, at the same time, when you work as a freelancer, you must be responsible on your self, especially in case of time work. What Peter Parker's Grandpa told was right, "more power, more responsibility". Entah dia mengucapkan kalimat itu asal-asalan atau bukan. I usually work till late at night. In case of working on a tight schedule of my projects. And i need to add about the enemy of freelance web designer or graphic designer, first is facebook, it's really addict for most people who have internet access, and also yahoo messenger. Funny isn't it? It should be our friend in marketing our services, but at the same time, it's also can become our enemy when working on projects. So pay attention to it, haha....

When we work outside, at cafe for example, we cost out money to drink or buy food, and we waste our time when we're go to the cafe or kinda place like that. But i admit, this is really important to for us as a single fighter freelancer. People should socialize right? When you work as a freelancer, you don't have working partners. Your friend is only your notebook, computer, and facebook to connect with your friends, that wasn't good enough for people to socialize it thought. So when i go outside, i feel glad to look at the world, and watch people passing by. It a little bit refresh my mind. And it also good for us to find an inspiration when we're working outside.

I hope someday we'll have internet access everywhere, and free... Haha... Even when we're working on a public park... Watch the children playing, and we can still working. Why? Because we're working on our hobby, that's the real fun of it, working outside can be our way to find new inspirations.
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