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Many designers in every type, just like graphic designers or web designers still have difficulties to sell their designs nowadays. But there's also many designers who already stand at the top of the mountain. Is it hard to sell your designs? Maybe it's not for countries that already growing up, especially in a matter of advertising things, just like America for example. When people from a country going to a phase of realizing that branding and image of a product is important, they would start to give some respect to graphic designer profession. And unfortunately till today, there is many big company that cost a very low budget for a graphic or even web design projects in Indonesia. That's why many Indonesian Freelancers are working abroad, try to find clients from another country and put local clients at the end of the list if it should.

In Indonesia, it's really a good start, for many years late, many talented Indonesian people is growing really fast on information technology, especially on internet bussiness. I've seen many good and reliable Indonesian freelance web designers that really kick some ass at worldwide technology. Their works really have a thumb up and could be proud of. I know it's really hard to raise up Indonesian freelancers Quality image in a global world. But some of the new generation of Indonesian people won't give up on that. They keep working and show a quality in this global technology era (internet). And they did!

If you are reading this blog article, maybe you are one of the Indonesian Freelancers that i mentioned above. Or you're not, but i'm sure that's just because you haven't. Sooner or later, we will learn to going on bussiness with people around the world. Not only Jakarta. It because we already start global bussiness. So going abroad online or offline is becoming important.

I hope there's a day when the majority of Indonesian Bussiness people can start to give some respect and realize how important graphic and designing things.
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