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Freelance is Changing My Life

Here i am about to share my thoughts about change your life, and get better carreer. And for sure i would like to say that doing freelance is changing my life. And if you read all of my blog article here, you would see a process  why i said that freelance is changing my life.

2007 - Game Center Operator

Back in 2007, this picture is taken from 2007. Back then i was a game center operator. This is not my first time working with thing that named "computer". Before this i've worked as a ticket parking operator. Well i can say live in Jakarta is quite hard. And i find this job really fun, playing online games, such as Lineage II that is quite famous nowadays, i was live in that online world and being a clan leader and doing many clan war every weeks. I work at here almost 3 years. When i work in here, i first known deviantart which i know from some other operator that tell me that he's earning some dollars from deviantart by selling his photographs here. Thanks to him, after i know that site, i back to my childhood memories, when i dreamt to be an artist, coz i really like drawing and painting. But for sure i can't see how that kind of carreer could make me earn much money to help me survive. But after i know deviantart, i learn many things related to design from others, and start to learn photoshop and coreldraw and uploading my ugly designs at my own deviantart page. The thing that i like from deviantart is that you have good relationship community in here, other artist, from newbies and profesionals are share their thoughts about your works and you can share your thoughts also to other artists works. Then after worked for almost 3 years in here, i got fired coz my boss find out that i search for design graphic job. I don't blame her, if i was her, i might do the same way too. But this is my first step in changing my life.

After got fired, finally after doing many interviews and got no good response, i am accepted to work as graphic designer at a merchandising company. I was really happy when i am accepted to work there. I am so excited, but who knows? After 2 days, my boss there tell me that he already cool with only 1 designer that is already work with him. And i should stop work at there. Kinda shocking and pulling my head at the bottom of the ground. Even it's so hard for me, i still believe that my hard work and wills wouldn't waste for nothing.

But i should stop my dream to be a graphic designer, coz after some months don't get any job, i earn nothing. My mother old already, and there's no way i can hope her to help me in financial problem. There i stop my dream to be a graphic designer, for a while... So with my friend helps, i got a job as a sales at a company. Of course not related to design thing. But it's not last long, after 1 month i can't stand anymore. And ask for resign, i'm sure i want to make my own decision about my own future. And my dream is not to be a salesman. So i stopped work there and back to my life before, unemployment...


2008 - Freelance Graphic Designer

I search for graphic design projects in offering many restaurant, ask them if they want to do brochure, posters, or something related to design. I've also met with d'cost owner son and offer him my service, maybe he still remember me, unfortunately he's not one of my client. I got some graphic projects in doing brochures and book menus, but not much. I work with my big brother PC, back then i still don't have my own computer or notebook, also no internet access. But i still happy to get some projects to be done and being my portfolios, i'm sure it will be good for my future.


2009 - Freelance Web Designer and Developer

Someday my friend introduce me to Joomla! that is help me a lot after i learn it for nights and days. I start to have guts in doing web projects. First from modifying free templates, then modifying commercial templates, and now work with custom templates. It help me a lot since i only have skills on doing graphic on photoshop and got only a basic skills on scripting and coding. Back then i work at warnet (gamecenter) coz i still don't have my own PC or notebook. For my first 3 projects, i work at warnet. But after that, i try to buy a notebook. Thanks to my friend that offer me a second use notebook that is fit to my budget.


2010 - Web Designer and Developer

And after working as a freelance web designer and developer for almost 2 years now. actually 1 and a half year, i got some savings to rebuild my old house and design my own design studio that i always dream of. Thanks to God, now i can sit on a soft chair, in front of a my own notebook, and do my own business at my own studio/office. I might be not a good designer or developer, but i try my best in doing all of my projects. Till today, i've done more than 40 websites, i think so. I would love to thank for everyone that is inspiring me a lot, and share many things with me. And also thanks to all my clients that is trusting their projects to me.


2013 - Project MAnager & Web Designer

Web Designer Workshop

Web Designer Workshop

Here is my 2013 workshop. I finally got my first iMac. I will collect more iMacs!

Freelance is Changing My Life!

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