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Entertainment For Freelancers

Nowadays there comes a lot of freelancers, most people think that working as a freelancers especially on the thing related to internet is rock! But in fact it's not really as they thought. As a web designer that already work freelance for about 2 years now, i can say there is always yin and yang, beside the good things, also there is stands bad things on the back. To work as a freelance web designer, it gives me the ability to work anytime anywhere. We can say that is a positive thing but i must admit that there is also negative part of working freelance.

One of the thing that comes to my mind is about how freelancers entertaining their selves. Why i said entertaining their selves? It's because when you work freelance, most of the time you will find your self working alone, maybe from your home, your own office, your bedroom, or other else. This situation (i believe) most of the time making us feel so kicked out from the real life. And to see your friends, become so important for you and priceless, but when you realized that most of your friends are busy, you will think of a way to see people around you when you're working. And when you feel so tired of doing your projects, you might think of somehow to entertainment your self. It's really important to put your self in a good mood, especially when you work on the creative lines.


Here i will suggest you some of the ideas of how you can entertain your self when you are a freelancer. Maybe i don't mention all the best ideas here, but please to share your ideas on comments under this article, i will add the ideas you suggest when it's good enough.


1. Work Outside

This might be a worst idea for some people. Because i believe some people prefer to get private and sacred area to think and working. But as i said before, sometimes when you feel you kicked to far away from the real life, you might need to see some people outside, see how human still walk with their own feet. But i suggest you to work outside at some place where most people around there are also working, maybe like i did when i work outside, i would choose a place near the business area. Maybe not good idea for all, but when i do this, it kinda help me to stick on the project work. "Hey i am here to work, just like them, don't mess around with facebook, twitter, or else, really shame..." But if you think working on a place you like and make you feel comfortable like on the beach, then it's okay, but i wonder when i work at that place, i might be teased to sleep or go swim or watching girls around there than to work. I did write a blog about working outside before.


2. Play Games

When you feel so bored with your projects, you might need to relax your self by playing games that you like. Nowadays a lot of console or many kind of games we can play. But i hope you can be wise to choose what game to play to relaxing your self. For me, back then, i like to play DOTA, but i realize, when i play online DOTA i must give about more than 1 hour of my time to finish that game, and when my team go lose the game, most people would blame around at their team chat room. I believe that is not entertaining, maybe put us more on stress. It might become different when we win the game, but it's like i win 1 game in every 8 games i played on DOTA. Or else you can play console games like PlayStation, fighting, shooting, RPG, or else. But i suggest you not to play RPG games, coz you need a lot of time to end it.


3. Hang Out

It's not good for your eyes too much staring at light monitor. And also it's not good for your soul to always be alone working and not seeing anyone else to talk with. Give your self some vacation to help you keep distance from the works. It would be better if you can hang out around with your friends.


It's good to entertain your self when you work on a creative area. But don't forget of back to work again, don't forget your responsibilities of projects that clients already trust on you.

So maybe you have any else ideas of entertaining your self when you are a freelancer? Please share it here...

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