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Create Your Office On Small Spaces

Most people said that we should have a comfort office so they could work in peace. Well, i have my small nice office/workshop, but it seems that i can't help myself to not going out at day, maybe for offline meetings, working outside, or else. So my office only used by me at night hahaha... It's only on 2m x 1m space. Hey look at that board? That's new, quite useful for putting notes there so i can reminding myself for important things, especially deadline projects. But i use it for hanging things there, so it becomes more useful right? Let it do multitasking things hahaha... That mirror not suppose to be there, i just can't find better place for that thing. Old notebook, and wireless mouse, scanner printer, boxes, etc. Above the desk i create 2 shelves for putting books.

Well i have a small space of office/workshop, but it's enough for me. It's been a year already since i design it last year when i rebuild my house. Hope this article and pictures can inspiring you about how to create your own dream office/workshop. It doesn't have to be on wide space, or even expensive. As long as you can manage well, just try to imagine it first, visualize it, than make it real.

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