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Joomla User Password Reset 403 Forbidden Error

So today, after few years working on websites with Joomla, i just realize a little problem that is very important. A person told me that the user password reset goes to 403 Forbidden Error page. As usual i will always test it before answering. After testing it, so it's true, Joomla works fine until we submitted a link to reset user password to user's email. But when i open the mail, and click on the link, it goes to 403 Forbidden, which means it's an error page. I don't quite have a time to do troubleshooting on the codes and scripts. So i use this Forgot User Password extension, which contained with component and plugin. It's really easy, just install the component and the plugin, don't forget to turn on the plugin. Then the Joomla User Password will work just fine. You don't need to do any configuration on the component and plugin.

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