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Google Page Rank Update

Today i got a shocking information from my friend, yudz. He's one of the best Google SEO master in Indonesia. He told me that today (May 28, 2009) is the page rank update of Google. I don't know where could he find this information from, but in immediately i fast check my page rank update from

After loaded, i type in my web address there, and what a good news, eventhough not raise too much, but i really satisfied, my pagerank is up 1 point from 1/10 to 2/10. My site is about me as a web designer, that offering a web design services. For your info, this engine (prchecker) is used to check how popular your site is. It counted could be from how much the traffic of your site, content, and backlinks to your site. Really useful to help you raise up your Google Page Search... For example, Facebook has 9 point for this pagerank...


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