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Firefox 3.5 Party 2009, Jakarta

On August 11th, 2009 - i was invited from WEBPM Forum (Viking Karwur) to join the celebration of Firefox 3.5 Party 2009, at Starbucks FX Senayan, Jakarta. I heard that this celebration was delayed because of waiting the merchandise from Firefox it self. About 30 people come to this events... But i know for sure that the user of Firefox Browser are much much larger than the guest that is coming to that event. Maybe some people are busy with their work, but some people are taking a moment to join the celebration. Really glad to be there and meet many people like Viking, Ian Lanin, people from Indopacific, Kompas, and many more. Guests take some merchandise like T-Shirts, Pin, Sticker, and others for free of course. Remember Firefox are Open Source haha...

Just sharing some of my story with Firefox. In fact i always use Firefox as my default browser. If there is a computer that i use and haven't installed by Firefox, i would go fast to install it, why? because i want people to feel the comfort moment of browsing just like i do when i use Firefox as my Web Browser. Right now i still work at a part time Elementary School Computer Teacher. And when i saw on that lab, many computer are still using default Internet Explorer as browser, in a second i go to Install Firefox to every computer on that lab. I think Firefox are good and fast to use as web browser. And i believe that the newest Firefox 3.5 are going much better than before.

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