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Product Photography Services

Now if my client need a product photography services, i can make sure that i can provide it. Especially in doing product photography with clear white background. I never had any portfolio with this service before, but i'm sure i can do my best if i have a chance. And finally i have a project in doing an online store that needs a photography services. When accepting this project, i was so excited to create a good looking online shop website. Finally i finalize, a kitchen stuffs online store. In doing this photography services, i wasn't work alone, i have my partner that working as a freelance photographer, and i'm taking care for the quality. We make it done in taking pictures of 80 products in a day. And after done the photo session, it still needs about a week to finalize it so it has a clear white background. Of course we use some supporting items in working on this product photography. For dapurceria we go to client place and make a flash-urgent mini studio there.

You can see more photos at dapurceria.

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