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Last Sunday, April 11th 2010, my church held a Basic Photography Workshop. This workshop followed by 20 person, who have a camera and like doing photography activities. When that event doing, i just taking some videos in case of documenting it later to my church website. But after i think a while, i want to try to do the video documentation just like on tv shows. You know, i don't know what it call, that thing with name and notes about the person who is being interview. And do some cutting, and inserting song as backsound. I never did it before, but after try for a while, about 3 hours working on it (alone), finally i've done the video documentation, near like on tv shows or news. A good start huh? I think basic skills on graphic design and management help me a lot to make this thing done well. I think nothing really special about it, most people can do video editing. You just have to learn a while, of course if you really want to learn, and have trial and error.

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