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Remove Me From Your Facebook If I'm Not Your Friend

I certainly agree since i saw that my friends on facebook now have more than one thousand friends. And William seems so right, when you have a problem like, "hey i want to move my house this sunday, i need help" Who will reply this and help you for sure? They are who replying you and do help you would certainly your friends, except they want to help but have something else more important to do. This way around i'm going to think that Facebook now is not a "friend" collect site, but it's more that a "i know him/her" site. Like it or not, one day Facebook is nothing more like an identity card, and people will realize that their private data information is too private to share to the world.

I met much more "real" friends from playing online games (mmorpg), than from facebook... But i can't say that facebook is not good. It is really help me much to let me still get in touch with my "friends" that i saw rarely in daily life. But the only thing that goes wrong is, we added so much people who are not our real friends. So let's make facebook be a right site for us.

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