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Mozilla Indonesia Won The Best Booth at Compfest 2011

Mozilla Indonesia joining Compfest 2011 at fX Lifestyle X'enter on 24-25 June 2011. We are proud to have a chance of presenting Mozilla in this educational event. Compfest is a yearly event that held by students from University of Indonesia. We can find things like competitions, workshops, entertainments, and exhibitions. And yes we are joining the exhibition presenting the Mozilla Indonesia.

At first i worry a bit, wondering that i can find volunteers to help us at the booth. But at last i worry if we had too much volunteers.  So at the first day we have Ahmad Sarjono, Michael Gery, and Kevin Ivander with us. At the second day we have Shinta Setiawan and Tony Hartono. Of course Viking Karwur always back up on the 2 days at the event.

This might be my first time organizing a booth for exhibition. It's a small booth, so that's the interesting part. We have to think how to maximize what we have there. We are really helped with swags that sent by Mozilla. Because we have so much stickers of Firefox Logo, so we use it also to decorate our booth. And we also still have some Firefox 4 Posters that we used before.

Of course it won't be complete and won't be look like a REAL TEAM if only we are not wearing the same T-Shirts. Thanks for the Firefox T-Shirts that made us looks cool like a Real Team of Firefox.

So when the event started, we always be friendly to everyone that comes to our booth. Most of them ask about Mozilla Firefox. And we try to explain and answer all of the visitors questions. There are many kind of questions, such as, why it's already Firefox 5 now? Why Firefox drain so much memory when running? What's new on Firefox 5? Is Firefox have office at Jakarta? How to join as member on Mozilla? And many others...

Many visitors happy when come to our booth and get some swag like pin, rubber wraist band, sticker, pen, and lineyards. They are very happy to have some merchandise of the Firefox that they always happy to use when browsing the web.

At the first day, we had the chance to presenting something at the stage. And i choose to not talk too much, because i worry that the audience might get bored. So i just explain about Mozilla Indonesia community. At first i plan to give some training about some useful addons that we can use with Firefox. But i think they all already smart enough about that. So i played the manifesto video that i copied from Gen Kanai at Bandung. I also played the video about the Firefox 4 Launch Party Roadshow at Jakarta. The audience really stunned with it. I can say that the manifesto video of Firefox is AWESOME! It's realy a great tools in helping us sounding to people around about what is Firefox.

At last day we are nominated as the CRAZIEST booth. They call us crazy actually it's kinda like the most cheerful, happy, and friendly booth. And at the final day, there's no exhibition anymore, but the commitee ask some person from Mozilla can come at the closing day. At first i have another important thing to do, but when the commitee said that we are winning the BEST booth at Compfest 2011, i cancel my plan behind, i ride my motorbike at topspeed to the closing event, and running till get sweat to the stage. And fortunately i get there on time! Really like last seconds, the time when the host ready to calls Mozilla up to the stage to take the awards as the BEST booth at the Compfest 2011 Exhibition. We are really happy and proud of it! We're not planning to grab any awards at first. Our mission is to present Mozilla at the event. And we would love to do it again on any other chances.

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I created a video during the event...

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