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Mozilla Indonesia Being Interviewed by Marketing Magazine Indonesia

Today Mozilla Indonesia had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Marketing Magazine, it's an Indonesian magazine. Before this, we also interviewed by many other Media Partners, and we are very welcome to be interviewed.

Mohamad Agus Mahribi, the Journalist from Marketing magazine ask me yesterday if he can meet some people from Mozilla Indonesia Community, so they can have an article for Digital, D-Community Rubric in Marketing magazine. So i directly schedule the meeting tomorrow after Mohamad Agus Mahribi contact me from that email. We met this day, September 8, 2011 at Starbucks, Pacific Place Mall, at Jakarta Indonesia. I also invite all the ReMo member to come together. So there is Viking Karwur and Artanto Ishaam that able to come that lunch time when we are being interviewed. And Mohamad Agus Mahribi the Journalist come together with his photographer partner, Asep Toni (Photo Journalist).

Well, i hope to see the magazine printed soon enough!

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