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Mozilla Indonesia with Jakarta Globe, and ReMo September 2011 Offline Meeting

Today, Mozilla Indonesia had an interview with local newspaper, Jakarta Globe. Nurhayat Indriyatno, the copy editor, already met me at Monday, September 20th 2011. At that time, i'm the only one who able to come to meet Mr Hayat from Jakarta Globe. And we had conversations about "Browser Comparison". Before this, we already interviewed by Koran Jakarta and Marketing Magazine.

Basically, Mr Hayat also wondering why is Mozilla Firefox has the biggest market share in Indonesia. I actually already asked this question by another media from Taiwan when we are held the Firefox 4 Party at April 2011. And the answer from me, it's because of many factors, such as, Firefox is wellknown as an open source browser, and at the top of all, Firefox is very well working as an awesome browser for all people when browsing at the internet. That's some answer from many factors that made Firefox become the most famous browser used by Indonesian people.

After that, Mr Hayat interested to meet the other Mozilla Reps, so i try to arrange another time for Mr Hayat so that he could meet with the other Mozilla Reps. So here we are, Saturday, September 24th 2011, we meet again with Mr Hayat, this time with Viking Karwur, Irayani Queencyputri "Rara", Fauzan Alfi, Jemmy Novy, and Artanto Ishaam. We had a fun conversations about Mozilla Indonesia Community.

Mr Hayat him self wasn't a Firefox user. But he told us a story that when he come to some internet cafe, then he saw a person came in to that cafe, and asked the internet cafe cashier, "Is here using Firefox browser?" Unfortunately that internet cafe doesn't have Firefox. And then the person go to find another place. And that's not the only person that came in and asked that same question. Another people also asked same question, and go to find another internet cafe that using Firefox browser. Which means, Firefox almost become the culture in here. That's really a good thing, because we can say that most internet users in Indonesia quite smart in choosing the open source as default browser.

After we done the interview today, Mozilla Reps did a meeting, discussing about the new KuMi campaign. This is one of the coolest campaign from Mozilla Firefox, because we are able to not only supporting the Open Web, but also promoting our national country and cultures. Why promoting cultures? Because as we know, KuMi also wearing many kind of regional apparel. This way we can also promote our traditional cultures of our country Indonesia. We are very proud with the plenty of traditional cultures from our country, Indonesia. And we are glad to also make a sound of it.

After the ReMo Offline Meeting, we all attending the Social Media Festival (SocMedFest) at fx Lifestyle X'nter mall (Senayan). And then we had a fun conversation about Open Web, together with our new ReMo member, Ahmad Sarjono, he is also an Internet Enthusiast.

For more pictures you can find from my Flickr.

For the article by The Jakarta Globe, you can view it here.

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