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Mozilla Camp Asia 2011

Since the first time i decide to get involved "more advance" in Mozilla Indonesia Community, it never crossed my mind that someday i would be invited to the big event such Mozilla Camp Asia, and meet the Mozilla Chairwoman, Mitchell Baker, and talk in person to her. And meet many many people around the globe that have the same passion to support the open web. This Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 event is held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-20 November 2011, under the helps from OSDC Malaysia Community.

The theme is "Many Voices, One Mozilla", which quite have the same meaning with official national motto of Indonesia, "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika", which using phrase is in old Javanese, which also can be translated "Unity in Diversity". That Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 theme quite expressing the Mozilla mission which supported by many passionate people around the globe, that want to keep the web to be open for humankind.

This event also contained with many Talks & Sharing that you can choose to follow. These talks are really inspiring me a lot in guiding me to find my own way to support the open web. There are many ways to support the open web, and support Mozilla. This event also help me to realize, there is many many people around the globe that passionate to support the open web, and we are not alone. Meeting with other Mozillians from other countries can enlight us about what happening outside our own country.

After the event, Mozilla Indonesia planning to help the open web in more advance ways. We believe, there are so many many ways to support, all people can help to keep the web open, in their own ways.

Support Mozilla!

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