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Mozilla at Drupal Training Day, Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia, December, 10th 2011 - Mozilla Indonesia had the opportunity to give a presentation about Mozilla at Drupal Training Day that being held by Drupal Indonesia Community, at Senopati 79, Jakarta. Our Mozilla Reps friend from Yogyakarta, Rizqinofa "Rizqi" Putra, help connecting us with the community at Jakarta, so there i met with Steven Wiliam and Ananto Wibisono from the Drupal Indonesia Community. I came together with Ademas Pramuatmaja.

About 20 people interested to come and learn about Drupal. So we use after-lunch time to give a presentation about Mozilla. We use some good videos that we collect, that explaining about Mozilla. And we share about some add-ons that really useful for web developers, such as firebug, web developer, fireftp, etc. We also use the great chance to explain about new Mozilla project, the Mozilla WebFWD. And we also explain about Firefox Memory Usage, because we learn that many users think, Firefox is use much memory of their computer. Most of them knew it when they check it on their task manager.

So after we did some test and research, we found some good ways to explain about this problem. Especially we are glad to tell that this memory-usage thing is already fixed from Firefox 7.0. Thanks to Ademas Pramuatmaja, Mozilla Reps from BiNus, that help to do testing and research about this firefox memory-usage, then explain and share it to all of us.

Hope that we can be invited to another Drupal events. Great thanks to Drupal Indonesia Community for the opportunity. And we also hope that we can be invited to many other events, that we would gladly presenting Mozilla there as Mozillians, Support the Open Web!

Some good resources to learn about Firefox Memory Usage :

More pictures you can find from my flickr.

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