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Mozilla Indonesia at Indonesia Computer Festival 2012 (Jakarta)

At June 6-10th, 2012, there is a big event named Indonesia Computer Festival 2012 at JCC Senayan, Jakarta. The event also held at another big cities in Indonesia. Mozilla Indonesia Community also participating on this event by open up a booth at the event, with support from many volunteers. We also open Firefox Clinic at the booth and also give away free swags for visitors. At Firefox Clinic, whoever have questions about Firefox browser, we will help to answer and give advice. Firefox Clinic team also help to install Firefox browser to everyone who just bought a new laptop at the event. We don't just do troubleshoots but also do chit-chat with Firefox users. Some of them love to tell stories about why they love to use Firefox browser as their main/default browser, and some also tell complaints about Firefox browser. Of course we love to get all kinds of feed-back.

FYI, so many visitors love to know about what addons really useful to enrich their browsing experience, so browsing with Firefox isn't anymore just about browsing the internet, but also help their productivity. So we usually share about addons to manage emails like Webmail Notifier, Easy Youtube Video Downloader, Downthemall, etc.

Beside of Firefox Clinic, we also do talkshow at the stage, talking about "How to Contribute to Support the Open Web". From this talkshow, Mozilla Indonesia encourage all internet users to understand the meaning of Open Web, Open Source, and why we should be part to support it. The talkshow also invite Mozilla Reps at Indonesia to share their experience about contributing for the Open Web at Mozilla Community, such as Viking Karwur, Rara, Fauzan Alfi, Finan Akbar, Ahmad Sarjono, and me. Mozilla Indonesia also share the campaign of local Firefox mascot, Kumi.

We are glad to meet so many Firefox users, face to face. Hope we can meet again at another chance. Keep Support The Open Web!

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