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Vepom, Vehicle Gas Performance, My Very First Mobile & Firefox OS App

Vepom, an app to help you to check your vehicle gas performance. It might look confusing at first, but it's actually simple. Have you ever wonder, how far your car can run for 1 liter of gas? I usually compare my car gas performance when driving out of town which have very great traffic, and when i drive inside town, which usually have bad traffic. And yes, my car can run about 11KM/liter when driving out of town, and when inside town my car usually only can run about 9KM/liter.

You just need to input 4 data to get result. This app have a little rule, you must use this app whenever you fill your gas in full-tank. So KM1 is your KM when last time you fill your gas in full-tank. While KM2 is your KM right now when you fill your gas in full-tank again. I know, i should make this app to be able to record history, that would work better. But because this is a test project, so i try to make it simple at first (for me).

So for example, right now i am standing on gas station, ready to fill my gas. So i need to remember my KM when last time i fill my gas in full-tank, which is on 14,000KM. And then right now, after driving 100KM, i decide to fill my gas in full-tank again. So i fill on KM2 : 14,100. Then i checked that i need to fill 10 Liter to make my gas in full-tank. And the price of the gas i bought is 6500/Liter. Then simply press submit button.

Voila! This is my car gas performance. My car can run 10KM for every liter of gas. And i found out that i wasted Rp 650 every KM i drove my car. You can install this app using your Firefox OS device, or Firefox OS Simulator you have on your Firefox Browser. This app simply build using only HTML, JS, and CSS. With Firefox OS device, after you downloaded this app, you can use it offline without need to access to internet.

One little problem, you need to close this app by holding home button, before filling new datas to get new results. I'll fix it on next version.

Well, this is my first mobile app. Usually i only do web design and development. But now, i am a mobile app developer! Thank you Mozilla!

Thank you also to Khantri for the help on doing the codes. We spent few hours just to found out how to be able to install this app to Firefox OS device. I must admit this is quite a hassle at first.

Install Vepom

Download from Firefox Marketplace

And yes, it is an open app, you can also use this app with your internet browser from your Desktop PC and on any mobile browser on iOS or Android devices. You just need to go to this link.

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