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Mozilla Summit 2013 at Brussels, Belgium

I am an active volunteer in Mozilla Indonesia Community since 2011. I attended Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and also Mozilla Camp Asia 2012 at Singapore. In 2013, Mozilla don't have Mozilla Camp, we have even better event, the Mozilla Summit 2013, where we can meet Mozilla core volunteers and contributors that came around the globe. Mozilla Summit is held on 3 different places at the same time, there are Toronto Canada, Santa Clara USA, and Brussels Belgium. And i had the opportunity being invited by Mozilla, to attend the Mozilla Summit at Brussels Belgium. The event is from 4 to 6 October 2013. There is about nearly one thousand people that attend the summit, only at Brussels, Belgium.

The Mozilla Summit 2013 is held at The Square, this is a conference place. I met with awesome people from Mozilla such as Mitchell Baker, the Chairperson of Mozilla Foundation, Mary Colvig, William Reynolds, Shannon Prior, and of course the other thousands of core volunteers and contributors around the globe that hold the spirit of Mozilla in heart, the Mozillians.

Many Mozillians from Indonesia that being invited to attend the Mozilla Summit. Most of the Mozillians from Indonesia attend the Mozilla Summit at Santa Clara, USA. Only 3 persons from Indonesia that attended the Mozilla Summit at Brussels Belgium, that is me, Romi Hardiyanto, and Piniel Hasibuan.

At Mozilla Summit, we had various discussions about the future of the web. Of course the Hot Topic is the new Firefox OS, the mobile OS from Mozilla and it's community.

I want to thank to Mozilla that gave me the opportunity to attend the Mozilla Summit at Brussels Belgium. It's been wonderful to had my first experience to travel that far to Europe for the first time. Not only seeing the wonderful places, but also to meet wonderful Mozillians around the globe.

The Agenda

The Mozilla Summit is designed to help us connect with each other, align around our mission and create a shared vision of the future. By the end, we'll have a concrete strategy to make this vision real. Combining a small handful of keynotes with interactive fairs and sessions designed by you, the Summit is a full 72 hours/4,320 minutes/259,200 seconds of magic, created by and dedicated to the Mozilla community.

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