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The Mozilla Monument at San Fransisco

The Mozilla Monument at San FransiscoThe Mozilla Monument at San Fransisco

So i've joined the Mozilla Indonesia Community since 2011 until today. Of course a lot of things happened along that way. It's not always smooth, but i can say, mostly it's fun to be part of the Mozilla Community. To be someone that also help to define the future of the web. The web that i always use everyday, the web that changed my life, the web that help my works, etc. At first i only know Mozilla as a browser, like most people does. But in fact, after being part of it, i learnt that Mozilla is more than just a browser. It's a movement by many people that cares for the web or internet. As we know, nowadays, web already be part of our daily life, so it's very important for us to take care of it and not to hurt it.

I'm very proud of being part of this movement. When i attend the Mozilla Summit 2013, at Brussels, Belgium, William Reynolds announce that Mozilla is on a plan of build a monument at the Mozilla Headquarter at San Fransisco, it's The Mozilla SF Monument. What surprised me is that, Mozilla will put the names of all the Mozillians around the world, on that monument. So i'm kinda excited to see my name also written on that monument, together with other Mozillians. And now that the monument is finished, so i found my name there, i'm stoned, so COOL!

Eventhough i haven't got the opportunity to visit San Fransisco, i still hope maybe someday i can go there and visit the Mozilla Headquarter.

Thank you Mozillla!

Mozilla Headquarter at San FransiscoThe Mozilla Headquarter at San Fransisco

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