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Mozilla Reps of The Month June 2015

I received one very good news from my lovely community, which is Mozilla, a global community that focus on creating innovations for the web and keeping it open for everyone. Finally, after joining the community since 2009, that means about 6 years already, i get this opportunity becoming Reps of the Month for June 2015!

I joined the Mozilla Reps (Representative) program since 2011. I was introduced to Mozilla Community from a MozKopdar Event at August 11th, 2009. I was young back then. And at that time, i really enjoy come to many different free events which i hope can inspire me to grow better as a person. And i finally put my heart for Mozilla Community, which i don't regret it.

Well, i must admit, sometimes we have that difficult situation when you're working in a community. You're volunteering, not get paid, but you carry those responsibilities to help and support the community. But not only that, many times you will have different opinions with other community members. And it's quite an effort to make the other community members to understand and support your ideas. But in the end, you need to understand that the community is not yours alone, especially Mozilla Community, it's for everyone. Which means, everyone have the same rights to put ideas, and decide together what to do and where to go.

Then you realize, maybe it's easier to work in a Corporate or Company, where you as the boss, you can simply decide what to do, and your workers just support it. Or as workers, you just follow what your boss says.

Sometimes it makes you think, should i just stop and worrying my own businesses? But as a freelance, and now as young entrepreneur, i realize, it's actually not only Mozilla Community needs me, but also, i need Mozilla Community as well. This community keeps me human. It teach me to learn to understand others opinions and respect them. It helps me to meet new people, awesome people, and most of them are on the same background as me, who use the web to make the world a better place. Those people i met, makes me keep in track to always move forward, not only in the community, but also in my own respective areas.

It's easy for me to become a Firefox fan. Of course, because it's a wonderful browser that have so many useful addons that can fit to your needs. But it took me sometime to understand what Mozilla really is, and where is it going. Joining the Reps program makes me learnt a lot. And becoming a Reps means i am able to support people who has this same spirit with Mozilla, supporting the Open Web, and i can help them to connect with Mozilla directly. If you love what Mozilla is doing, we have this awesome community which includes 'Mozillians', who helps to shape the web becoming better for the future.

I believe that Mozilla Community will always grow even bigger and better. Mozilla Community just need to stick the Mozillians together to keep supporting the web to be open for everyone to contribute and decide where to go, and focus on creating innovations for the web.

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