Blog Review New Macbook Pro 2011, This Will Be My First Mac

New Macbook Pro 2011, This Will Be My First Mac



I'm so excited to have this new Macbook Pro. I've been waiting for months now for Apple to release this products lineup. Even some rumors are not true, especially about the Liquid Metal, i'm still excited to have this product as my first Mac ever. I already have iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4, and iPad, but i'm sure Macbook would be much more different and much more useful for me. Especially in supporting me in my works related to web design and development. Unfortunately, in my country, Indonesia, things are not easy. I hope i can see this product in retail store by tomorrow (25th Feb 2011), because i really can't wait to have my first Mac, New Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt!


The Commercial Video
Huge leaps in performance... The dialog from Ive is something that more likely we've heard it before. Yes, unfortunately the new macbook pro still use the same technology as before to create the aluminium unibody parts. Beside of that, this new macbook pro has improvement with the new thunderbolt technology as example, and many more. From this short video you can see how complex the processing of the macbook pro aluminium unibody. This is something worth to pay much for...

Anyway, Happy Birthday Steve Jobs! Can't imagine the tech-world without you!

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