Blog Review 13 inch Macbook Pro with Samsung BX1931N

13 inch Macbook Pro with Samsung BX1931N

When i first bought Macbook Pro, i choose the 13 inch one, in the matter of handy, light, and easier to carry around. And what i plan back then was to have a big external monitor for home use. Unfortunately when i bought the Samsung BX1931N which is 18.5 inch and have the resolution of 1366x768, and when i try to hook it with Macbook Pro, it goes to lower quality of display. This monitor show better display when i hook it up with my Toshiba which use Windows 7.

Yes Macbook Pro can give 1366x768 resolution display, but the quality is under my expectation. Is there something i missed? Did my converter from thunderbolt to VGA are not good enough? Or else i should just be happy with 13 inch display?


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