Blog Review How to Block the Ugly Facebook Ads

How to Block the Ugly Facebook Ads

Feel something new from facebook? Get annoyed with the ads on facebook? You're experiencing same problem with me! Who wants to download that ugly animated gif ads? Offering you big bullsh*t of money, things that you don't need, etc.

But no worries, if you're using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, as we know, we have so many addons here. You can try this Adblock Plus Firefox Addons. This addons works by blocking the frame of the ads. After you download this addons, then restart your Firefox browser. Then when you see an ugly add, just right click on it, then you can choose to click on "Adblock Plus: Block Frame". Voila! Goodbye ugly ads!

I need to add something more, i just realize that this ugly ads happens because i accidentally not sure how i did installed the "yontoo", a software that able to screw my facebook on every browser. It also make the "pagerage" works, which make us able to create layout for our facebook. I never want to screw my facebook with such ugly layouts. So after google some links, i found this useful link to uninstall pagerage from your facebook. Hope this useful for you also.

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