Blog Story Gramedia, Emporium Pluit on 30% Discount

Gramedia, Emporium Pluit on 30% Discount

Yesterday i went to Gramedia Emporium Pluit, actually i went there because i need to discover some new ideas from some magz, related to my plan of my room renovation. But, what a shock, i found that place was like a traditional market (pasar) of Jakarta. Why? Because Gramedia a Store that selling books, are giving 30% discount of all items that they sell at their store. Really mad, and riot haha... I almost trapped there, especially when i went to the comic section. Many kids sitting and moving all away. 30% Discount, i don't wonder if Jakarta's people have a big and deep interest of "discount" word. Good way to attract people attention, usually i saw that place was very peaceful, but today... riot...

{morfeo 16}

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