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I had seen Hachiko movie trailer about few months ago. Since i am kind of movie freaks, i often come to watch movies on theatre. And few months ago when i see Hachiko trailer which also played by Richard Gere, i knew that this movie gonna be a deadly movie for me, far away scary than any other kind of horror movie. I would rather see horror movie than to see this type of movie, because this kind of endless devotion of a dog movie will stab my heart so deep. Here in my blog i just want to review this an absolutely great movie. Thank God i can make it till the end of the movie. Here i will also tell about the story, and my thoughts about it. So if you haven't seen it, and you don't want to take any clue before watching it by your self, so you better not continue read rest of this article.

Even though Hachi wasn't the only dog or maybe wasn't the only living creatures that have a kind of undying love, but here i want to share about Hachi. This movie start with a usual type of movie story line, or might be kinda boring. Just see Richard Gere playing with a dog. Everything seems so perfect, happy, and until (i know it will be) Parker pass away everything turns upside down. Seeing Hachi being kinda a stupid person, that is wait for nothing, it is a deep hurt for us. From here i get the feeling of loosing, to lost something really important is hurt, surely hurt when you lost something really important in your life. But after you see this movie, you will know, there's one thing that is much hurting most of us far away than the feeling of lost something important in our life. It's waiting for something that we lost but we thought it will be back. Unfortunately, the fact is not as good as what we hoping for, and unfortunately we're waiting in the situation of not knowing the truth/fact, or we don't accept that fact. For human, most of this people would gone crazy and ended in mental hospital. But for Hachi, it is a pure devotion, and Hachi just wait and enjoy every moment of that.

I realize, some people always think about "What's the meaning of my life?" Hachi is live to wait for his master come home, that's for Hachi, just as simple as that. But for us, Hachi is a hero, hero of what? Devotion... What is the meaning of most people nowadays about devotion? Hachi wait for his master for 9 years, without seeing his master anymore...

When you see the movie, people around Hachi at the station really nice to him. But unfortunately that's not happening in the real story. At first most people around there are annoyed by Hachi, because Hachi usually jump to customers and bother food sellers around there. And they're so rude to Hachi. Hachiko (November 10, 1923 - March 8, 1935). You can read the article about Hachiko from here.


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