Blog Story What is Ariel Peterporn?

What is Ariel Peterporn?

Ariel Peterporn is a nick name that comes from public, given for Ariel, the lead singer of some local band that called "Peterpan". I believe this band already famous around South East Asia, if not, at least this band already famous on local country which is Indonesia. But actually this "Peterpan" band already break up on November 04, 2010. Two personil of the band decide to not supporting Peterpan anymore, and one of the person that out from the band is the one who give the idea of using "Peterpan" as the name of the band. And as the story goes, Ariel the leader of the band is preparing the launch of the new album at the end of 2010 (maybe). But unfortunately few days ago (november 2010) some porn video leaked that showing 2 person look alike with Ariel and another local girl artist doing porn show. But after few days, there comes another video "again" look alike with Ariel with another local girl artist also. Some tweet says that this "look alike ariel" person have other 32 videos with different girls. So today unbelievable and unfortunately, "Ariel Peterporn" become the most trending topic on twitter.

I don't judge anyone here. I just want to share some for people around the world that might don't understand, what is ariel peterporn? As i know, there is some trending topics that comes from indonesia, like jokoanwar when he is promise to the world that will go to circle k naked, and cut tari which have the same case together with Ariel. But Ariel Peterporn is the star here, because he did become the number 1 top trending topic worldwide on twitter.


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