Blog Story Are We (Indonesian) Proud of Bad News That Become Trending Topic on Twitter?

Are We (Indonesian) Proud of Bad News That Become Trending Topic on Twitter?

There's so much people on twitter tweeting about Ariel Peterporn, so it become the most trending topic on twitter worldwide. Why is that? Are we (Indonesian) are proud of bad news around us? If many tweeps tweeting about bad news mean that we proud of it? Of course not! Since when people saying that the most trending topic means we are proud of it?

That is what most people talking right now ON TWITTER, not the whole country (street, real life, etc). I like to follow what is the most trending topic around my country, especially when there is a topic from my country that become the most trending topic on twitter. Few weeks ago, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte did a good tweet post about Indonesia, a person from a famous punk rock band says "I miss INDONESIA. One day that country is going to give me honorary citizenship" on his twitter. And i did follow this topic using my tweetdeck, hope that this good positive news can become the trending topic, but unfortunately not.

Of course we glad when seeing some topic from our country become the trending topic on a site such as twitter that is used by people around the world. But we doesn't proud for bad things that happens in our country. And i believe nowadays, when we have internet, there no such thing like hiding your bad news inside your country anymore, so not letting the world to know about it.

Let's hope in future we will have more good positive news topics that become trending topic on twitter. But still need all the tweeps from Indonesia to support on it. Can we do that??

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