Blog Story What Happen To Dead People Facebook Pages?

What Happen To Dead People Facebook Pages?

Since we know that facebook is quite a new stuff for us, coz it comes out or start from a new years ago. And from more than a thousand of my friends, most of them are still alive. But there is something that cross my mind, what happen to dead people facebook pages? Don't you think that Mark Zuckerberg should think and do something about it? Put up a new status like "RIP" or "I'm Dead"? Or maybe shut down the pages? Or you have any cool ideas for Mark Zuckerberg? Or maybe he already think about it? I've tried to Google it and found some people start a topic about it here.

Since facebook is so "likely" important nowadays, almost near to your identity card like old days, or even more. Maybe we have to think about what should we do with our facebook or twitter when we dead already? Yeah, but maybe it's not too important anymore if someday facebook going to down and boring just like friendster that being left away like a dead city. Creepy huh? But it's the fact, everybody dies, we're not Edward Cullen.

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