Blog Story Can I Now Be Called A Fanboy?

Can I Now Be Called A Fanboy?

I don't imagine that i could own an iPad in this nearly days, i think of wait for the second generation to come out early next year. But i just can hold my breathe to get this marvelous stuff, at least that is how Steve Jobs says about this iPad. I've wondered for a long time, like watching from far away for this iPad, read the news about it, watch the video podcast, read the reviews on magazines. But it's really not like when you touch it with your hand. So when i came up with a chance to own one of it, then i take it.



Actually i already have an iPod Touch 4th generation before i buy this iPad, and that iPod really kills my time, and also sleep time. I take much time to learn and understand about it. Not really to understand about how it works, but i'm trying to find how powerful those stuffs in helping my business and entertainments. And i quite really agree with most Apple Fanboy says that this is really great technology that we should have, but the fact it's really not easy at first time you try to control it, because it have quite different logic with the other gadgets that we already known for most of our lifetime (windows). Apple really far away different and better. It combines the softwares and hardwares and create marvelous products. It gives you new experiences in the ideas of technology and design. And the touch? Far away better then the most other touch gadgets that i've tried before.

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