Blog Story Macbook Pro With Thunderbolt First Unboxing

Macbook Pro With Thunderbolt First Unboxing

Well, i'm not really sure, but i might be the one who did the first unboxing of New Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt, at least in Jakarta. I've been waiting for few months for this. I can just go buy Macbook Pro from months ago, but since i heard the rumor of New Macbook Pro might coming in nearly days, i hold my self. But it's been really hard days of waiting, i hardly sleep, refreshing Cult of Mac and Tuaw many times in a day, just to see some new updates about the upcoming news of Macbook Pro. Now here we are, the official stores ain't sell it yet. Even some sales from the Apple Premium Reseller Store says that it still rumor. But i find my way to get one and unboxing it, March 9th 2011. Now i can sleep well...

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