Blog Story Google+ Not Yet Available for Google Apps users

Google+ Not Yet Available for Google Apps users

If you are a Google+ users and also a Google Apps users, you must be tried to use your Google Apps account for your Google+. I did try to register on Google+ few months ago, when they just launch their new social product. At first, all gone well for me. My Google Apps account works for login to Google+. But i don't know why, after some days using it, it's not working anymore. I can't access my account. The message is that Google not yet available for Google+ services. But why? I thought i did registered, and used it, and all work fine.


After some research, i'm not sure how i get the new email for accessing my Google Apps account for Google+ that i used before. The email is an "gtempaccount", which it supposed to be like shortened from "google temporary account". Well for now i just use that account to access my Google+. Bad thing about this is that i should use different browser to easily access my Google+ account.

Do you have the same problem with me?

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