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How To Build Successful Business

Someone just emailed me, asking about my successful freelance career. Well, i know that i'm still far from success in build my own web design company. But if talking about success with my freelance career as web designer, i think it's a target that i already achieved few years ago. And it's all started because of my decision to start my own brand in 2009. Well actually i already build the brand since few years before 2009, not sure when. But i really start it at 2009. There are few key points that i think you should focus on, if you want to build your own successful business.


1. Identity

Of course, this would be the very beginning. If you're very serious about build your own business, then you need an identity. If you're about building about design kind of business, then it would be a benefit, because you can start with designing your own logo, name card, letter head, etc.


2. Trust

If you want someone to hand over money to you, so you need to build trust. How can someone trust their money on you if you can't make them trust you. There are various ways to build trust. It could be by relationship that you already have, for example, maybe the potential client is your friend, neighbour, etc. But the most important thing in building trust, i believe it's portfolio. You need to build as many and great portfolio so people can check on it and believe that you are capable in your area of business.


3. Network

If you have a good network, then it suppose to be easier for you to find clients. Meet as many people as you can and promote your business. Make it bold so people really notice that you are someone really capable on your business area.


4. Promote

There are various ways to promote your business. It could be online, and it could be offline. Online means you can find as many websites that relate to your business. Use it as refferences, and also tools to build your business. Offline means you can promote at various events that is related to your business. Be there, participate, and be part of it.


5. Responsible

If you already receive projects, means you already get clients that already trust you. You can't disappoint them. First thing to do is to brainstrom with your client, so you can understand what they want. Then you can deliver to make your client satisfied.


6. Motivation

Running your own business is not easy. So many people says that, it's better to run a business based on your hobby, so you won't be burden by it. If you already run your business that is relate to your hobby, it's a good start. You might not even notice when you are working, because it's like a playground for you. But sometimes you might get bored, but you have deadlines, and you need to deliver. This is why i feel it's very important for you to figure out how to keep your self motivated. It could be working at some places that could make you really productive, or maybe get few minutes of escape from your tight routines, meet your friends, browsing on design portfolios at libraries, etc. And it's also important to always remember the reason why you are doing what you are doing now.


7. Evaluate

Always evaluate your business. How did you perform by far? How is your relationship with clients? Are clients satisfied with your products or services?


8. Improve

It's very important to always improve. Never stay in your comfort zone. Find ways to keep moving forward. Don't just sit and comfortable with what you already achieve currently. That is why it's very important to set targets.


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