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Eyeglasses! Sometimes we felt really cool using this thing, especially after we saw Clark Kent on Superman Movies. This website,, has a young age owner, 20 years old. Well age doesn't matter for me. I'm not a credit investigator. Gary ask me to design his website. But i should thank for his understanding, it because i put his project on pending status. My friend mother has pass away and i should accompany him for a few days. Not sleep at night also.

NVpro or Naturalvipro, it's not a usual glasses, it's a therapy glasses. If you use it in a regular times, you'll cure your eyes problems.

With a concept of elegant design, i try to put two kind of girls on the header of the site. The first came out girl using an eyeglasses and thinking about, "life is fun..."

I mean she was like dreaming about, "if only i could cure my eyes problems and not using eyeglasses anymore..."

And another girls who had a beautiful eyes coming out in the flash header and smiling, with words saying about, "without glasses..."

Well it's continues like that. "Life is fun without eyeglasses..."

Thanks to Gary who sent me the sample of his product for free. I give it to my mother, she said that it really useful, and she show it to her friends, and they said the same thing, it really useful.

And another of my friends who i give him a try of this therapy glasses said, "Weird... How come this holed eyeglasses could help my eyes focus on my sight?"

So if you are wearing eyeglasses, it think u should try this product. Not expensive for your eyes health.

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