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Well this is a great oppurtunity for me to have the honour of designing website for Hydri, the owner of 711 Speed Shop, the online store that selling motorcycle spareparts and many kinds of accessories. Although i don't know too much about motorcycle parts, i still love to see some of beautiful rides. I have my own motor cycle at home, New Honda Supra Fit, just an usual motorcycle.

Ok, let's talk about the projects! At the start, i request hydri to feed me with some of pictures relating to his products. Well he did it, he send me a file with a large pixels. And he wants to have motorcycles on his websites header. At first, i put one Kawasaki Ninja there, just it bottom, wich is means it's only the wheel i put on there. But Hydri looked not really sattisfied with it, although i've tried to  convince him that it's already looked great for me, so misteriously cool and dark enough for me. Well it's great to hear what our client wants.

It's quite a hard work thing in making the template of, my first online store, creating it with CMS and adding Virtuemart on it. But Hydri didn't want me to put prices on his products. He just needs photos on there. Weird but it's true, so once again, we try to hear what our clients wants. Black background template really hard to do, and put some green shading colour and blue shading colour as it menu image was a great idea, just like what Hydri wants. The shoutbox i set to have black background colour also and use green as the colours of the lines and fonts there. Really nice!

At last after about 1 week i'm working on this website, i put it online and there you go! Do you have motorcycle? Try to visit the site, maybe you'll found some of your motorcycle needs there.

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