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This is a restaurant projects, great experience for me. At first i thought that it will be easy to make a restaurant website. Well it is, but it is not easy to make a good looking restaurant website. It's easy only to make a usual site. Of course i don't like this kind of statement, "Just make it as a usual website".

Not only try to give her a nice design of restaurant template. I ask her to give me some articles relating to her Javanese Restaurant. And then she give me a nice surprise, she had an article from the newspaper that interviewed her restaurant a few days ago. It is the Kontan Newspaper. Well it contained enough words for me to put on the website. Newspaper writer has write it well, and i have the permission to put it on Dapoer Jawa Official Site.

I work on this project, not only working on the website, but also the brochure design, and i print it as well. In about 1 month i finished the brochure, and 1 week for the website. Too much time working on the brochure design? Of course, the owner looked really busy, and my design has been rejected in many times. Try to hear what client wants. Buti'm holding the website, so it won't take a long time to finish it.

Wanna taste a Javanese real food? If you're not sure, just take a look first at the gallery of

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