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I've been making more than 20 websites. But i think this is my cutest project ever. My client has a dog kennel business and he needs to have a site that will promote his kennel. I try to find some creative ideas for this site. I've google some sites that is related to Dog Kennel also, but many of them just showing a formal things, pictures and articles. What i'm trying to make is a simple, friendly, cute, funny website. Why? Because it's related to dogs. Dogs are funny isn't it? And they're so friendly, loyal, and cute. I like dogs also haha... That's why i'm trying to give the best final for this project.

What makes it different to any other sites that is related? I put a Blog on this site, not a regular blog. This blog is shown as a Diary. This site is showing a Diary that is wrote by the dog it selves. How could? There is no dogs that can write, even the smartest dog on the world. So who's behind this scene? Haha... The writer is one of the dog keeper there. She manage this Dog Kennel Business. And luckily she loves dog too, so when she heard about my idea to makea Diary on the site that is wrote by the dog. She really likes it idea too. So she would have to pay attention about what dog felt everydays. Not a hard thing to do if it's part of your hobby...

Try to check it out!

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