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Koko Cici Jakarta Website Redesign

{tpbox2 type={image} target={images/stories/articles/2009/10/poster-kokocici.jpg} title={Poster Pemilihan Koko Cici Jakarta 2009} group={a}}{/tpbox2} I feel honored when Ferry Dafira, the chairman of Koko Cici Jakarta 2009 offering me to help the redesign and development of Koko Cici Jakarta website. It's a big event that representing Chinese Traditional Culture for Jakarta People. The first Koko Cici Jakarta event were held in 2002, one of the finalist on that year are a famous artist now, Sandra Dewi. So if you are interested to be like her, maybe you should try to follow the audition first before you become one of the finalist. Ferry Dafira asked me to participating on this contest and went to the audition, but i prefer to become one of the sponsor than to become a finalist haha... Glad to see my logo, finally printed on a big contest event posters and flyers. I hope this year, Koko Cici Jakarta contest would have a live show on television.

For the website concept design, i try to adapting from the other design campaign such as posters, flyers, proposals, etc. It dominated with maroon red color and use gold color for the text. I also refine the logo to the png file, so it's become more fit with the website layout. For the features of the site, i will develop it step by step, waiting for the progress of the contest also.

For you, young people 18 - 25 years old, just visit the Koko Cici Jakarta Official Site and lets participate in this contest. I'm sure, you would get much experience and unforgetable memories from this contest.



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