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Versaguna, Exporter of Home Furnishing Products

Versaguna is a design house - manufacturer - exporter of home furnishing products. Versaguna’s collection of home accessories are crafted from natural materials such as wood, seashell, metals, coconut shells, marble, stone, leather (or synthetic leather), and natural fibers (water hyacinth, pandanus, sea grass,  banana fiber, raffia, rami, mendong, etc ).

This is a website re-design project, another web design portfolio of mine. The before site is a full flash site. Which i think not suite to the needs of this kind of business. Because full flash site cannot crawled well by Google or any other search engines. The idea of this web design and development project is to create a clean and good looking website. I don't think that it is necessary to have many feature on it. As the owner of Versaguna, Mr. Yennas Chandra, told me some features that he needs like viewing versaguna's products by category, and can do searching by keywords and goes directly to the viewing of products after submit the search. At first i had some problems with the numbers of the categories that versaguna has. But thank God i can fit all that at the top menu. This is important for user interface, especially for customers, so that they can browse all products in this site with friendly user interface.



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