"jtablesession::Store Failed" at Joomla

Your joomla website is down? And just showing out text about "jtablesession::Store Failed..."? Don't be panic. I've been through this trouble for few times. You just need to clear your "session" table database. Go to your cpanel, phpmyadmin, then go empty your "session" table database. Then voila! Your website is back.

Transparent iPad

Since i bought this iPad few months ago, i always imagine this, what if i take a picture that looked as real as it should be, so it could make the iPad look like transparent. It's only a photo technique and you just need to find the right angle and precision. It's amazing how the retina display could make the new iPad look like really transparent. This is my first try, if you also make some picture about it, please share!

Dropbox, Cloud GRATIS Untuk Menyimpan File Secara Online

Sering merasa repot dengan aktifitas cabut pasang USB hanya sekedar memindahkan file dokumen yang size nya kecil-kecil? Atau mungkin image-image kecil? Memindahkan dari laptop, lalu ke komputer PC, lalu ternyata suatu hari perlu juga menggunakan filenya ketika kita sedang berlibur, dan sialnya kita tidak membawa laptop sama sekali.

Joomla User Password Reset 403 Forbidden Error

So today, after few years working on websites with Joomla, i just realize a little problem that is very important. A person told me that the user password reset goes to 403 Forbidden Error page. As usual i will always test it before answering. After testing it, so it's true, Joomla works fine until we submitted a link to reset user password to user's email.

Firefox 9 Beta Dirilis

Dua hari setelah Firefox 8 dirilis, Mozilla menyediakan Firefox 9 beta untuk umum. Seiring dengan siklus peluncuran Mozilla yang cepat, Firefox 9 akan segera mengikuti Firefox 8 dalam beberapa minggu ke depan, sementara itu Firefox 10 akan segera memasuki tahap pengujian awal.

FOWAB7 - Geek Meetup, Let's Celebrate The New Rockstar

December 17th, 2011 at Bandung - FOWAB7 held an event titled "Geek Metup, Let's Celebrate The New Rockstar". The event took place at CLIO Cafe & Resto, Bandung. It scheduled to be started at 5pm, but delayed to 6.30 because it's raining, so need to wait some people that come late.

Pop-Up Iklan Aha di Browser, Pelecehan Hak Konsumen?

Awalnya saya mengira komputer saya terkena malware, sampai akhirnya saya menyadari iklan pop-up yang keluar selalu iklan AHA. Entah apa yang saya lakukan sampai membuat pop-up iklan AHA terus menerus keluar di browser saya. Tidak hanya di desktop, bahkan di iPad juga keluar iklannya. Menurut saya ini sangat memalukan, dan merupakan pelecehan dari hak konsumen. AHA secara sepihak memaksakan pelanggannya untuk mengkonsumsi iklan mereka.

New Challenge For Photographers, Cinemagraph!

If you follow my blog from long long time ago, you must be knew that i did write about animated gif. I'm not good in playing with Flash, so i was quite happy in creating animation using gif (back then). After long long while, now animated gif are rarely be seen on internet. It was huge at 90's. Me, my self, don't really interested in playing with those thing anymore.

How to Clean Up Your Dirty Facebook Wall

Do you feel that you're lazy to visit and login to your Facebook account to checking your Facebook Wall? Why? Of course it's because now too many people don't use Facebook as the way it should! You wish that you can banned them, and block them, so you won't get any spams anymore.

Google+ Not Yet Available for Google Apps users

If you are a Google+ users and also a Google Apps users, you must be tried to use your Google Apps account for your Google+. I did try to register on Google+ few months ago, when they just launch their new social product. At first, all gone well for me. My Google Apps account works for login to Google+. But i don't know why, after some days using it, it's not working anymore.

Joomla Banten Meetup

At August 14, 2011 - A friend of mine Khantri which is a Joomla! Administrator of Official Indonesia Joomla! Forum, held an event for local Banten. We do some talk and sharing about new Joomla 1.7, and also talk about another things related to Joomla. And what's interesting is that i met with a Firefox fans there. Why i call him a fan? Because he is wearing the rubber bracelet that Mozilla gives at Pesta Blogger 2010, and he said that he is wearing it everywhere and everytime.

Create Website Home Screen Icon for iPhone

Are you a web developer? Also have an iPhone or iPad or any other iOS devices? Ever wonder how to create iPhone home screen icon for your website? Well even we're not yet an iPhone App developer, at least we can create a good looking icon just for link to our websites.