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Review KlikBCA a Dizzy Planet

I'm not the person who create klikbca website, sure not. But as a web developer, i know somethings called web performance. Here i'm not reviewing about how the site programmed or work, because that is not my usual case. But i just wanna share a little bit about how this site design get performanced. As we see from the attached image above, this site still use left aligned style of website layout. How come? This is year of 2010, most people use widescreen computer monitor. One day i see an ads from BCA, klikbca actually... And it shows klikbca site on netbook real well... Well coz netbook has a small resolution of screen monitor. But why should a notebook or laptop which has widescreen monitor should also view that small and left aligned layout of site? Why not centering? Or be flexible following the visitors screen monitor resolution? I don't believe that BCA don't have some budget to pay a web developer or designer that have the ability to create better well designed website.

Oh yeah one thing really unique about this site, is the header, you can see at the header of klikbca logo. There is a rotating ball, really fast haha... Too fast for me... I did not recognize it until today. It made me curious and i thought it supposed to be some kind of flash header? But when i right click on it, wow it's not a flash header, java script? So i try to view image, it's a gif image, but that rotating ball (or planet it should be - but human must be dead if live in that planet coz it rotate in that kind of speed) is the one which is only animated. Well good job for who ever work on that...

Is that a planet? Earth? Must be dizzy live on there...


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