Blog Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Launch Party Roadshow at Indonesia

Firefox 4.0 Launch Party Roadshow at Indonesia

Finally i can blog again now, i had some problems with text editor at my web before. Thank God it solved now. And the first thing i wanna share now is about my greatest experience when i getting involved in the Firefox 4.0 Launch Party Roadshow at Indonesia. We've been preparing this since few months before, Viking Karwur as Firefox Indonesia Community Leader help to coordinate the event with many local communities.

The event is held at 8 different places.

  1. 29/04/2011 Yogyakarta, Pendopo Dalem
  2. 30/04/2011 Jakarta, Salihara Rooftop Theater
  3. 01/05/2011 Bandung, Potluck Kitchen
  4. 03/05/2011 Bekasi, Pax Patriae High School
  5. 04/05/2011 Surabaya, BG Junction
  6. 05/05/2011 Malang, Ma Chung University
  7. 06/05/2011 Makassar, De Luna Cafe
  8. 07/05/2011 Bali, Kopitiam Oey

I was lucky to have the chance joining the party at 6 places, from Jakarta then end up at Bali. I was really excited to meet some of the Engineers from Mozilla Headquarter. It's a big and great honour to have Christian Legnitto, Luke Wagner (and Jennifer, Luke's wife), Gen Kanai, David Mandelin, David Anderson, and Josh Aas. I don't know what the word to express about how happy and honoured to be visit by all of them, Indonesian Firefox Users must feel the same way with me.

One of the funny thing is how most people here treated and saw all of them like seeing a Rockstar. That's what i said to Luke Wagner when he visit the Thamrin City Mall. The store-keeper asked Luke to take picture together so he can show it to his friends. Luke was really like a Rockstar for most IT people here haha..

I was really nervous, and try my best to make them feel comfortable here. And sometimes it feels like i worry too much, until it feels like i am doing a baby-sitting. Really sorry if David & David feel that way haha...

Gen Kanai looks really cheerful and friendly, we've met few times before at Pesta Blogger 2010. That time we also meet Dietrich Ayala and William. Luke Wagner and his wife, Jennifer, really nice persons. Christian Legnitto like to do Motocross sport, you won't realize it when all you know is that he is the Firefox Release Manager. The last touch of the release of 4.0.1 Firefox version, that is still the newest until this article written, was launched by Chris at Hotel Mulia Jakarta. Wow, what an epic!

Then at the second place we have David Mandelin, that is really friendly. David Anderson that have a good looking until called as Justin Bieber by most local girls. And Josh Aas, the newyorker, he like to do Skiing Sport, Mozilla should support him to the Olimpic!

I should also say 'thank you' to Mozilla, because of this roadshow event, i experienced my first time flying with the plane, and first time go to Bali, the most far place i've gone in my intire life (25 years) hahaha.... After this, i might want to travel more. Thanks also for sending Engineers from Headquarter to share their experience here. I hope all of them feel happy here, and will come again next time haha...

Thanks also to all the local communities that supported this Launch Party event. All the local communities have their own, different, and unique ways to celebrate this Firefox 4.0 Launch Party event.

Always remember! All browser does fast, but not all browser does good! Go download your Firefox 4.0 from now!

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