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My Thought For Firefox OS

Mozilla is a non profit organization that is focus on building innovations for the web. Why a non profit can survive in such days? Where many profit companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and many others, try hard to build their own "Box" or close environment, so they can "cage" their users in their own close environment. So what makes Mozilla survive and still fights? It's us! It's you! And it's me! Mozilla survive because many people believe in the spirit of the Open Web. Which means we like to share with others.

What do we share? I'll give example. Back then, i'm pretty much nobody, i don't have much skillsets, not much that can make anyone actually value my skills. But i have a strong believe, that i can turn to something better for my future. And then one day, i try an Open Source CMS, that actually turns my career life upside down. No one teach me how to use it (directly), but i find many good sources on the web. So i learn many things from the Web that is Open. When i face an issue, then i need to trouble shoot, i simply search from the web, and usually, there are people who was facing the same issue like me, and many other people help to answer to figure out the problems and how to fix it. So we share knowledge to each others. I don't need invest so much money for formal education, instead i learnt so many priceless things from the Web. This is the beauty of the Open Web, from my point of view.

So more or less, this same kind of spirit is also the spirit that Mozilla try to hold on to. The spirit to share, help each other, and give you new opportunities, is what makes Mozilla still survive nowadays.

There are many different kind of Open Source communities, that use some Open products. And they share knowledge to each other about how to use it, leverage, and make the most of it. But in Mozilla, you help to build innovations, which means you help to build the product. And i'm glad that i can be part of the community that actually one of the very important core of the Open, and help to build the innovations.

The last and very new interesting innovation from Mozilla is Firefox OS. Which already launched in many other countries (unfortunately not yet in Indonesia). I believe Firefox OS will be the next huge success of Mozilla's innovation, after Firefox Browser, if we do it the right way. Why? If we look back, why Firefox Browser exist, is because back then, we don't have much choices. So we build this new choice that is open and more customizable for users, a Firefox Browser. But now, i can say we have so much choices, but not much realize, those choices are close environments, that actually trap users to jump inside a hole, and feel comfortable just sitting inside that hole, which is so unfortunate. If only we have this "new choice", a Firefox OS, we are not only act as users, but we can also became creators. More people will get this new opportunities, to be part of the innovation, and help to build the future of the web.

Why Firefox OS is very much important for us? Because we need a new alternative, that is open, that let us describe and decide the innovations we want for the future. Can we achieve it without Firefox OS? Ask yourself, how most people access the web nowadays? Desktops? No! Mobile Phones! Which clearly all mobile phones nowadays, built in close environments. If we are in close environments, we can't help to describe and decide innovations we want, the company who owns it does. They do whatever they like, and they decide whatever they want you to see and use in future. Some people happy with that, but i believe many people also happy to be able to describe and decide innovations they like.

I don't think that Mozilla can achieve that, on top of other platforms, like iOS or Android. Yes we can have a browser in Android, but there are so many limitations that will stop or slow Mozilla to grow. Many other companies, competing with each other to build their best close platforms with mobile OS, and there's no way Mozilla can get any benefit from them. They already witness, what Mozilla can actually do with Firefox Browser, and of course that worries them. The game is different now, unlike the time when Firefox Browser (for desktop) was born.

If it's a gambling table, Firefox OS is the Ace cards Mozilla have, to throw now and win the game.


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