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Indonesia Participation to Mozilla London All Hands 2016

Mozilla is one huge global community, and that's what i'll witness when going to Mozilla London All Hands 2016, of course, in London, UK, this June 2016. This will be my second time to London after my last visit in November 2015 for Mozilla Festival. As usual, Mozilla is inviting like everyone around the globe. I'm pretty lucky to get my chance this time, together with other 3 Mozilla Indonesia Community members, Rara, Ina, and Kiki. Last time i invited to such scale event is at Mozilla Summit 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. In such scale of event, we will gather together with not only volunteers, but also Mozilla Paid Staffs. In that chance, we will brainstorm ideas, and get clear guides about where Mozilla is heading the next 6 months.

This All Hands will be very important for us, the Mozilla Indonesia Community. Especially because our local community in Indonesia, just launched our Mozilla Community Space Jakarta, in May 2016, that is supported by Mozilla Participation program. The Mozilla Community Space will run for 1 year, and it will be very important to have this space to run in the same path to what Mozilla is heading. I'm excited to meet in person all the Space Frontiers (how we call the space keyholders), especially those from Manila and Taipei.

I'm pretty sad with the fact that we are not get the Firefox OS excitement anymore. But this time we are going to have new exciting things, such as Open Innovation, Marketing Strategy, Our Lovely Firefox Browser, etc.

See you all in Mozilla All Hands London 2016!

All Hands are a unique and special opportunity for all paid staff and our most impactful volunteers to come together, in person, to share experiences and interact with people they may not normally work with (or just see over Vidyo). Given our size, work weeks are a key differentiator for us (larger organizations just can't do this sort of thing in a meaningful way). Being able to come together as a whole organization, 2x each year, exposes each of us to interactions that may spark new ideas and/or lead to new solutions. They are a core part of our annual planning process. (Source:


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