Blog Story How to Clean Up Your Dirty Facebook Wall

How to Clean Up Your Dirty Facebook Wall

Do you feel that you're lazy to visit and login to your Facebook account to checking your Facebook Wall? Why? Of course it's because now too many people don't use Facebook as the way it should! You wish that you can banned them, and block them, so you won't get any spams anymore. But it's not your friends that you should banned, because they're just stupid people who wants to have so many friends on Facebook, so that's why when a facebook profile that is created for selling stuffs adding them, they just simply approve it. And when you realize that that F*cking facebook profiles are always tagging your friends when they're selling stuffs using photos. Voila! Your Facebook Wall now become like a Traditional Market (PASAR).

It's been few years that this huge Social Networking site accompany us after the death of Friendster as Social Networking. I can remember back then when there's not many people using facebook in Indonesia, because many people here still comfort in using Friendster. Many people still get fun with customizing their own profile page, and exchanging testimonials, and using testimonials to share things (with Friendster).

Back then, everything seems so right on Facebook. Of course it's because not many spam on it, yes we are users that really like social networking sites that don't have too many spams. I hope Facebook can realize the fact that spam contents could kill their selves also in near time. Google+ is great, but i still can taste the spams when people "don't know who" are adding me randomly.

Actually you can simply click on the facebook profile page of the seller, and just block them. And you can also report them as spammers. Go tell Facebook that you're annoyed with them, or maybe harrasing (melecehkan) you as a good facebook users. So after you block them, you won't be able to see them anymore on your facebook wall, even they're tagging your stupid friends thousands times on their photos. I always do this as routine activities when i opened my facebook account. But after years i've done this, it seems that these f*cking viruses cannot be killed. You kill one, thousands will come behind. And unfortunately, we can't block facebook pages that is also use same dirty way to selling stuffs by tagging people on their photos.

So i wondered how is my friends facebook wall, must be much more dirty than mine. I hope Facebook can solve this problem as fast as it can. And for my friends, i don't mean to be rude, but please be SMART enough to delete those wrong facebook profiles from your friendlist...


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