Living in London!

Blog  |  14 November 2015

So here i am, not exactly live in London, but i''ll spent my life about 18 days in here, in London. I am not as excited as the first time i came to Europe back then in 2013, but it's still an awesome experience. Here i can see so many beautiful London architectures, and more interesting dressings on the street, if compare to my own country.

As you might already know, London is a city that insanely expensive. I don't know if you already heard about it or not, so i create this saying "CoL Shock" which is Cost of Living Shock. Because i can get a fine dining in my own country, while at the same price, i only get street food in here.

What you need to master when you live in London?

1. SIM Card

When i arrive in London Heathrow Airport, the first thing i look is free WiFi. Then if i want to survive this city, i know that i need an access to internet. I saw a machine that sells SIM Cards. So i was bought this Lebara SIM Card, GBP 20 for 1GB of data. I don't realize how little data is that, because i already use it all in about 6 hours. Then my friend suggesting me to buy 3 SIM Card instead, which offer unlimited data. Yeah right, it's really really unlimited data and fast for about GBP 20.

2. Transportation

I use the Google Maps mostly for directions. But Citymapper app also good, because you can check on many different options of tracks and also estimate the cost of your travel. You need to also master the Tube in London, or the MRT as many Singaporean says (why we have these so many different namings for train).

3. Fashion

London is cold, at least that's what i feel when i'm here in November. Maybe the cold is just fine, but the cold wind, you will not like it, especially if you're from tropical country like me. You can feel your mouth almost numb, and your cheeks is freezing. So it's important to have a jacket that can safe you from cold, and has a hoodie to protect your head. While to protect your cheeks, you might need a scarf. I like to buy HeatTech products from Uniqlo.

4. Rain

Seriously, if possible, you need boots to survive your foot from rainy London. I can feel how uncomfortable walking around with wet foot. But i can still handle this without boots. And of course you need an umbrella that can stand the sudden strike of winds in here.

5. Food

Price for a meal is about GBP 5 for a junk food. If you want to eat in a restaurant, rate starts from GBP 10. If you want to look for 'reasonable' foods, you might just want to buy sandwiches on supermarket such as TESCO, that might cost you about GBP 1.5.

6. Planning Trip

Because it's really expensive and cold in London, you need to be effective and efficient. It's important for you to already have a good planned trip, before you step your foot outside that door.

So i guess that's it, London is cold, but at the same time it's really fun to know, because it's like an international city. Come and see for your self :)